5 Talents 



Five Talents is fighting poverty in the developing world by creating jobs. We do this by providing business training, and forming savings groups and small loan schemes. The loans start at £25 - enabling an entrepreneur to start or build a small business, helping the owner as well as his or her family, co-workers and their families.
One such business that Five Talents has helped to establish is run by Zawadi in the picture below who  lives in Iringa, Tanzania. Her first loan from the local Five Talents programme was for £25 and she is now on her fourth of £100. She has used the loans Zawadito increase her stock for her fruit and vegetable stall and she repays on time. Her business is helping to support her sick husband and her three children and pay for their schooling.


The work of Five Talents helps to develop local economies and encourages independence rather than dependency on grants. Five Talents is the microfinance initiative of the worldwide Anglican Church, working with local microfinance partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


If you would like to find out more or contact Five Talents please click on the info links below.

Email: info@fivetalents.org.uk
Website: www.fivetalents.org.uk



Chrit Church Rep: Tom Sanderson