Network Revised Course

"The Church needs you. Not because it needs people to fill positions within the organization, but because YOU are an important part of the body of Christ. You have a significant contribution to make. You have a ministry in the church and a mission in the world..... Doing gift based ministry is not optional. It is biblical. It is God's operating system for his church. Envision the goal. Enjoy the process and be equipped. Diligently serve as you have been created and called to do, and you will glorify God and others!"

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The Network Revised Course is a dynamic multi-session process that helps Christians to understand who God has uniquely made them to be and guide them to a place of meaningful service in the local church. During the course you will be able to identify the three elements of your unique Servant Profile:

Spiritual Gifts -'What' you are equipped to do to serve God competantly.

Personal Style -'How' you can best serve to serve authentically.

Ministry Passion -'Where' you're motivated to serve.

You will also better understand God's design for the church and your role within it.


Come and join over 1,000,000 Christians who have completed the Network Course worldwide so far and sign up for the next Network Revised Course at Christ Church Purley. The course will take place over six fifty minute sessions and taking part on the course is £10 to cover the cost of the course manual and refreshments during the 4 week course.


Session 1: "Imagine a Church..." & "The Purpose of Gifts"

Session 2: "The Discovery of Gifts" & "The Power of Love"

Session 3:"The Value of Personality" & "The Influence of Passion"

Session 4: "The Promise of Ministry" & " Spiritual Gifts"

We are not currently running a Network Course. Details of any upcoming courses will be posted on this page when they are confirmed.

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