Prayer Outreach at Christ Church

For several years there have been teams going out prayer walking streets and door knocking at homes within the Parish asking if people would like prayer for themselves, their families or any other concerns they may have.
Each team consists of two people who visit a section of a road , usually not more than 25 homes, who will then call on each home and ask if there are things which people would like prayer for. Doorbell
Reactions differ, but the vast majority are very gra-cious, and even if prayer is not requested, people are usually pleasantly surprised that we have come out to visit. On the other hand we can be invited in to pray for a particular member of a family. It could be about someone not being well, a job situation, or the impact of someone grieving the death of a member of the family. It is very moving when we have the privilege of sharing a part of people’s problems by being allowed to pray for them. We can also give thanks when they have good things to share!
Backing up the teams of visitors are a team of pray-ers who undertake to pray for the people being visited, and for any specific prayer requests we are asked to share. A level of anonymity is preserved, and the actual identity and address of a person are known only to the visiting team.
Prayer Outreach is a great way to show something of God's love towards his people, and for us to witness outside the walls of our church. It usually takes place after Easter during the Summer months. There are training sessions held for anyone who is new to it, and people will always go out with someone who has done it before. Approximately 1200 homes have been visited and, like painting the Forth Bridge, we start again each year! If you would like to know more, please contact the Church Office.
See you next Summer!