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 Christian Aid was founded more than 60 years ago to help refugees in Europe at the end of the Second World War. Since then it has evolved into a worldwide organisation which works to relieve poverty and tackle the root causes of injustice in many parts of the world.
Every year in May, members of Christ Church take part in the Christian Aid week in order to raise funds. Since the Covid pandemic we have found new ways of raising funds to avoid the risk of catching Covid which have included delivering envelopes asking people to make donations online, sponsored cycle and walking and an online quiz.
There is a Changemakers Conference to find out more about Christian Aid and volunteering each year in February which in 2022 is online. Please contact me for more details, or look at the website

The money collected is used in the following ways:

HEALTH AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT- HIV, malaria and other poverty-related diseases have a devastating effect on poor countries, causing much suffering and hampering economic development. Christian Aid carries out community-based projects to support those suffering from these diseases and prevent their spread. In central Malawi its partner the Baptist Clinic is co-ordinating an irrigation project using solar energy to pump water to crops, so helping HIV/Aids sufferers to grow their own food.

DISASTER AND EMERGENCY RELIEF - Christian Aid delivers urgent aid to those affected by conflict and natural disasters. It is helping people rebuild their lives in countries such as Angola, Sierra Leone and Haiti. On the Burma/Thai border it is providing bamboo shelters and education for families fleeing oppression.

CAMPAIGNS - Christian Aid provides a voice for members of churches who want to influence politicians. It raises the profile of social justice issues such as unfair international trade laws, and climate change - which is already hitting the world’s poorest people hardest.

Christ Church Rep:  Anne Scoones