It was General Synod last week. This is the national ruling council for the Church of England. During synod a working group unveiled the Church’s Vision for the 2020’s.
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It promises a national church that is “Christ centred” and “Jesus shaped”. With three key priorities:
Missionary disciples
Younger and diverse
Mixed ecology
While being “simpler”, “bolder” and “humbler”.
The Church of England aims to be a church for all people, in all places, for every person and for the world.
But what does that mean and what does it mean for Christ Church?
Christ centred? – absolutely …..we hope to adopt a statement of faith that shows this.
Jesus shaped? – a work in progress, every church is, but yes; we look to Jesus as our model.
Missionary disciples? – Making passionate disciples for Christ is our motto!
Younger and diverse? – intergenerational and international are two of our values; still a work in progress but we actively seek opportunities for all to bless others whatever your age, race, background or gender; for all people and all places
Mixed ecology? – work on what services, activities and pioneering outreach post-Covid has already started and will not look as it did last March (ideas welcome…)
Humbler? – “it’s never about me; it’s about Him!”
Simpler? – “maximum impact for minimum input”; keep it simple but effective
Bolder? -  Christ Church believes God wants us to make as many disciples as there are already - i.e. to DOUBLE!
I wonder where they got the ideas from? The request for a royalty cheque is in the post….  :  )
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